The Writer

i'm a twenty- year-old california girl who's getting ready to make the big move to nashville. i love writing/laughing/singing, and will do pretty much anything for my family. i moved out young, graduated early {from this amazing school!}, and read all the time. {literally. i'm in the middle of three books right now...}

i moved to LA two years ago, and have since managed to explore almost every inch of this crazy city. san francisco was my first city love {i was born in the bay area!}, but it's always fun to find the hidden nooks and crannies in a new place.         

one day, i would love to grace the new york times with a novel...but for now? i keep a blog about day-to-day adventures. experience is everything, and your life is built on the beauty that's contained in a simple moment.

welcome to my blog. i am oh so glad you're here!

**photo credit to haley bolena photography


  1. Gorgeous photo! Thank you for commenting on my blog and following. I am glad to have discovered yours :)

  2. Love your blog banner! Did you design/do it yourself?

    1. Aw, thanks! I did, actually. I'm a "Picasa" addict, and there are quite a few great blog tutorials online :)

  3. cute blog! I too am from california but currently living in alabama! Good luck with your move :)


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