A (late) Music: Monday.

i know this blog post is late…actually, almost two weeks too late. it’s been so busy with family/moving/work/night school that it seems like i can’t catch a break. since i spent the weekend with my crazy family, i thought i would share a little 80’s rock today. i grew up listening to my mama’s music, and it’s become nostalgic. well, only some of it has. this is a new song that i heard this weekend, and i fell in love with it. i have never been a part of the 80’s, but it’s so much fun to sing along!

we built this city - starship

a best friend date.

this week was officially my first week of summer school, and fourth week of work. it ends up being the perfect equation for exhaustion. i've been up at seven to be out the door at eight, and after work ends at five i head straight to school until nine-thirty. needless to say, i'm busy. and i'm tired. and alone most of the time.

that's why, this thursday i decided i'd had enough of being alone with my crackly radio, and invited my best friend to coffee. since we're both nine to fivers now, we have an hour lunch break. today we decided to use that hour on each other. after travel time, we were able to spend a whole twenty minutes at the poached pair in newhall. it was the most relaxing part of my crazy day. it was so nice to take a quick break and sip iced lattes with yummy berry coffee cake.

the perfect best friend date to get us through to friday.
we've found a new late week past time...

 (we love this little place)
 (yummy lattes + coffee cake with too many forks)
 (the best friend)

Music: Monday.

when i listen to music, i feel that i am a lot like my father. i can listen to everything, but if there's a song that i love? it's on repeat for about a month. i love the band train in the summer, garth brooks when i'm homesick and death cab for cutie when i feel quiet and think it's time to write. for the past week at work i've been plugged into my home country station and a lana del ray on my iphone.

needless to say? 
i was at a loss for this week. 

when i'm confused, i usually ask my best friend. she has a way of answering all of my crazy questions. 
it took her all of four seconds to say, 
"how about 'new york, new york?'"

if you know my family, you know that we're all loud and crazy and love to laugh. at every wedding, we all put our arms around each other and sing this song together. 

needless to say, i love it. 
it reminds me of my aunts and my mom and my grandma, cousins, siblings, uncles and grandpas. 
i will forever be grateful to sinatra for this one. 
this week, i hope you enjoy a little piece of my family. 

(a moment on friday)

it's the end of the week, and i decided that in order to relax we needed comfort food in our little home. we splurged a little and turned on the air conditioning (yay!) so that i could bake peanut butter cookies. the best friend watched "west side story," (another old favorite) and i sang along, quite badly, in the kitchen. now that i've been cooking and baking on my own, i'm not sure what i miss more. my mama or her kitchen aid.

i have a feeling my right arm is going to be sore for awhile...

 (the easy part)
 (mixed. by my now aching hand)
 (skinny peanut butter cookies)

 (i wish they were fat...)
 (the best friend is happy)
(the after party)