Questions, anyone?

I've had a couple of emails from my sweet/darling/lovely followers, so I thought I would answer them all together here: 
How can I get a hold of you? 
You can ask any questions or express concerns at: meg1521{at}yahoo{dot}com

What camera do you use? 
I use a Canon Rebel T3i with the lens from the camera kit...and I'm absolutely in love with it! It's by far one of the best investments I've ever made.
Where's the makeup? 
I know, I know. All you fashionistas out there are probably wondering why my face is always that strawberry red color and my eyelashes aren't miles long. My family was a big supporter of natural beauty, so the makeup? It only comes out on special occasions. Very, very special occasions. I don't think it's all that necessary!

Where do you get all your flowers from?
I had quite a few people express their love for this post. Farmer's Market's are always a must, like this one here, but sometimes I just pop over to the grocery store. It works well in a fix!

You talk about San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Where are you from, exactly? 
I was born in the Bay Area, where I spent my childhood, and then my family moved to a small town about 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe. I moved to Los Angeles for college. My family recently relocated to a sweet little town just outside Nashville, where they've settled permanently. I've lived all over California and am planning the big cross country move to Tennessee in January. After my master's degree, who knows?! I'm thinking New York needs a little more we'll see ;)

Where did you and your best friend meet? She's in quite a few posts, so she seems to go everywhere with you!
Um, I loved this question. Because I love my best friend. She's originally from Zimbabwe, and we met in college. We're roommates now and I drag her out of our apartment every Saturday for an adventure in the city. 


  1. hi meg, i'm so happy you commented on my blog because it led me to yours!!! your life sounds crazy exciting - can't wait to read on :)

  2. can you write the address of Grays hospital? please..

  3. can you write the address of Grays hospital? please..


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