God's Blessings

chocolate chip ice cream {in the morning}
best friends that "get" you {my partner in crime}
old books and signed copies {john irving? ann patchett?}
timeless classics {wuthering heights}
little brothers with big hearts {david/samuel}
books with little or no punctuation {artsy}
beach towns with warm water {laguna beach}
the eve of anything {christmas and new years!}
surprises {especially at dinner}
sappy movies that make you cry {titanic.}
cute baby girl names {claire. ella.}
crazy nights where you cry/laugh/smile big {hollywood hills}
getting pulled over. and being let off. {three times}
not sticking to your diet {sprinkles. in beverly hills.}
chocolate chip anything {cookies, dough, cupcakes}
taking random trips to random places {mulholland drive}
eccentric book stores {iliad}
being a barista {best college job. ever.}
disney. disneyland. everything disney. {night shows}
midnight movies {yes...it was new moon.}
reading young adult books just for fun {hunger games, anyone?}
skies that turn bluepurpleorangepink {sunrise}
younger sisters who always see good {whether it's there or not}
big pillows and warm blankets {in january}
mama's cooking {sour cream enchiladas}
thrift store finds {old frames and vhs tapes}
curling up with my favorite movie {beaches}
autumn walks {changing leaves}
christmas traditions {figor's tree farm}
favorite teachers who remember and encourage {mrs.selk}
cold cable car rides at night {while hugging little brothers}
dinner out on your parent's dime {pellegrini's}
pandora internet radio {matt nathanson}
bart rides to my favorite city {san francisco}
california winters {80degrees in los angeles}
mama's that always know what you're thinking {or when you're stretching the truth a bit...}
spontaneous adventures {colorado for break}
country back roads {curvy, please}
waitresses that hold a place in your heart {marty}
dollar scoop tuesdays {peanutbutterchocolate ice creams}
a good hairdryer {that doesn't burn your hair}
coca-cola with ice {way better than pepsi}
your favorite books on rainy afternoons {the bell jar}
great-grandma's house {too many good memories}
ghirardelli chocolate {72% dark}
parents who were strict for good reason {oh, restriction}
family recipes that never change {mexican wedding cookies}
sourdough bread in the city {back home}
good hair on a windy day {does this ever happen..}
country music on saturday mornings {Garth? Tim?}
bible verses that speak to the heart {john 16:33}