Some Kind of Wonderful.

Hi sweet friends. 

As you can probably tell, I haven't posted in quite a long time. Due to a season of personal and spiritual upheaval, I've decided to leave this little blog in the past. My heart is tired, but my life is new. 

I am really excited about my new blog, though. You can find me over here, the author of 'One Great Adventure.' It's a baby blog and is exceedingly new, but please come take a peek and leave a note so that I know you've been there - I would love to follow you all back. 

It's hard to leave this place behind - because I love it. The memories are poignant and bittersweet, sometimes I wish I could just jump into the photographs and say something different, do something different. But I can't, and life just keeps moving right along, with me struggling to keep up. Moving forward, moving on with life is something I don't do well, and quite possibly will never do well. It's always been a part of being 'me.' 

This story is over, but there are many, many more to tell. An ending is necessary and good, wonderful, sweet and broken. Life is full of experiences that keep us moving on, leaving things behind, and drawing us closer to God. Not only that, but He promises to be there every step of the way. 

four on friday.

{those last couple minutes before an interview}

it has been such a busy week. full of interviews, SNOW, moving into my little nashville apartment, and my best friend just flew in from LA. busy, crazy, but oh so good. here are a few moments from my week, and i hope you have a lovely weekend!

ps: check this out! i'm so excited...
{a snowy drive to work}
{necklace twisted around your wrist = last minute chunky bracelet}
{mid-week coffee date with mom+little brother}

oh, hey nashville.

soo...on this one saturday, i journeyed into downtown nashville with my camera and a jacket that was not warm enough for the cold. i looked like a nerd because i was by myself, but i got coffee and took pictures and went to a bookstore and saw Abraham Lincoln's signature.

it was a very successful day.
 {tennessee capitol park}
 {oh hey, nashville. how about you just stand there and look gorgeous? thanks.}

{a picture that's increasingly horizontal.}

sunday afternoons.

my sweet little camera has been packed up for much, much too long. I miss getting to snap pictures all the time, looking like a total tourist in my own town {except sometimes real tourists think i'm a professional and ask me to take their photos...and i giggle a little bit ;) } after being cooped up sick all weekend and falling in LOVE with the mid-afternoon light, i decided to snap a couple of nerdy shots.

because sometimes it's fun to get all, 'pretend' artsy.
here's my little love affair with light, courtesy of your favorite amateur photographer.
one day, i hope to REALLY know how to take good pictures in it ;)

 {my mama made this chair all talented!}

 {light + light}
{i just love light on the floor.}
 {this playset is just dying for it to be summer}
{lonely little winter hammock}

four on friday.

it's that time again...when i get to show you instagram pictures about how amazingly cool my food and hair and pens and clothes are. it's the best app ever, seriously. if you don't have it you should. so here are a couple pictures from my week, and tiny captions to go with. enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

{planning my first chapbook}

{fell in love with this woman's tattoo. i want it. now.}

{when i'm home alone i take artsy pictures of my legs. obviously.}

welcome to the new {nashville} life.

hey all.

i've been gone for awhile, like usual. because life is crazy and you have just got to hear what is going on in it. please don't get stressed out. if you get stressed out, then i will get even MORE stressed out, and no one likes a stressed out blogger. it makes for boring posts like this one.

before i spiral off into 'my life,' i would like to go off on a bunny trail and direct your attention to that picture up there. my best friend took it when i was in africa and laughing in the rainforest. seriously, that's a rainforest. i got drenched. right now i am not even close to a rain forest, but it is raining quite a lot outside and i've ducked into starbucks for a bit. {i hate driving in the rain. hate it.}

i should stop procrastinating. sooo....the reason i have been really bad at posting is because 'revenge' came on hulu. and i got two more jobs which brings my job total to four {don't get stressed. please}. and..i got in a car accident and the guy didn't have insurance and won't return my calls. i'm moving into my own little apartment on friday. my cell phone bill has tripled. and i'm driving my parent's suburban for the time being, so my gas bill has ALSO tripled {thank god for cheap tennessee gas}.

i'm sure after that little tirade you will understand the reason for that laughing picture. i kinda need it. as you know, posting is always haphazard on this little piece of internet that i call mine. if you miss me, check out my instagram, which i promise is fun, and SOON i will be putting up a facebook fan page for my little blog. i know, i know. let's add another stressor to the pot. fun.

as for now, i will sign off as your writer, independent contractor, admin assistant, grad student, legal assistant, and finally, your barista. because naturally i have to be able to provide myself with free coffee...and i like talking to people when they have to talk to me.

oh, nashville. you grow me in so many {extremely painful} ways. thanks for that.

oh, valentines day.

do you ever find yourself 'looking back' on valentines day? do you wonder about all the romantic dinners/cards of the past, and wonder why in the world it's not happening this year? or maybe why your husband/boyfriend isn't pulling out the big candy hearts or candles any longer.?

yeah, i know. been there, done that.

i've had a couple or really, really good dates on valentines day, and then a couple {semi-depressing} years where the only gift i got was a miniature box of See's on my dinner plate. from my parents. that's a little bit embarrassing, you know? just don't tell my mom.

this year is one of the 'wane' years. and i'm not going to go on and on, saying how you should just 'love yourself' and 'forget the day.' no, i'll say it. being alone on valentines day sucks. it's not fun, and it's frustrating to remember how much i looked forward to it when my mind was clouded with puppy love, then compare it to the now. i'm not sad about that pink and red riddled day in february. even though i'm single, i actually quite like it. why?

because i love love.

it's my absolute FAVORITE to see couples holding hands and all the harried men and women running in and out of the post office with red envelopes. i love seeing the silly valentines day cards in the stores, and the kids pondering what candy to give to their 'special someone' in the grocery store aisles. february just feels bright and happy, even though it is in the middle of the winter. it's the month of love, no matter what kind of love you're feeling. whether you're single (read my post on singleness here), married, or dating, it's a special day.

so. instead of being all mopey and crazy about tomorrow, i thought i would show you a couple pictures of those wonderful people in my life. the ones that make me smile, let me cry on their shoulders and laugh until my face gets much too red. these are the people that i am celebrating on that day of love...what about you?
{little siblings}

{my sweet college roommate}

{my obviously still madly in love parents}

{best friend}

okay, everyone. take a deep breath and go listen to some jackie wilson...oh, yeah. and enjoy this pretty awesome day of love. you can find that warm, fuzzy feeling anywhere, you just have to look <3