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I'm a writer. Before we go any farther, we might as well get that out of the way. I love to write stories about life and love and those little secrets no one likes to talk about. The one's you think about when you run your hand over the initials down the basement hallway? Or when you look at that picture from third grade, and you see the cracks behind your smile? Those secrets. Heartache? Yes. Struggle? Always.


In order to understand the hurt, you need to understand the essence of beauty. Because it is within the stark parallel of the two that we find a real depiction of life.

Except, of course, through Jesus Christ.

"...I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6)
Such a good reminder. I am blessed to be able to attend The Master's College in Southern California, and the Lord has grown me in multiple ways, big and small. I am thankful for his grace every day.

Thus, a blog.
A place to pin
pictures+writestories+celebrate life.
So here we go.
This is a blog about life?
Welcome, to mine.

First? The family. You'll be hearing a lot about's big and fun and full of laughter. We'll tell you lots of good stories whether you show up late or come early.

My roommate, Sarah. (Lulu) She's a saint sent straight from God. I'm not kidding.

My closest friend, Shannon, is from Africa. She gives my life perspective with truth and love.
 ((Just don't catch her without her coffee. Then she's NOT loving!))

You can't get much more "California Girl" than living life around
*San Francisco*
*Los Angeles*
Each one wildly eccentric and beautiful in its' own way...I've enjoyed exploring and making each one home.

Nostalgia. A blessing, a curse.
Memories, the past.
I love it.
When we study the past it becomes much easier to interpret the present.

I took this picture somewhere on I-5
...while I was driving, no less.
Talent? (Stupidity...)
The sun, setting in the middle of nowhere.
It's beautiful, yes?
And yet we can only appreciate the exquisite moment if we stop and look.
Kind of like our lives.

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