(a moment on friday)

it's the end of the week, and i decided that in order to relax we needed comfort food in our little home. we splurged a little and turned on the air conditioning (yay!) so that i could bake peanut butter cookies. the best friend watched "west side story," (another old favorite) and i sang along, quite badly, in the kitchen. now that i've been cooking and baking on my own, i'm not sure what i miss more. my mama or her kitchen aid.

i have a feeling my right arm is going to be sore for awhile...

 (the easy part)
 (mixed. by my now aching hand)
 (skinny peanut butter cookies)

 (i wish they were fat...)
 (the best friend is happy)
(the after party)

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  1. Just saw this! How fun. And, definitely a yummy-memory-maker with the "best friend". xox


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