Music: Monday.

when i listen to music, i feel that i am a lot like my father. i can listen to everything, but if there's a song that i love? it's on repeat for about a month. i love the band train in the summer, garth brooks when i'm homesick and death cab for cutie when i feel quiet and think it's time to write. for the past week at work i've been plugged into my home country station and a lana del ray on my iphone.

needless to say? 
i was at a loss for this week. 

when i'm confused, i usually ask my best friend. she has a way of answering all of my crazy questions. 
it took her all of four seconds to say, 
"how about 'new york, new york?'"

if you know my family, you know that we're all loud and crazy and love to laugh. at every wedding, we all put our arms around each other and sing this song together. 

needless to say, i love it. 
it reminds me of my aunts and my mom and my grandma, cousins, siblings, uncles and grandpas. 
i will forever be grateful to sinatra for this one. 
this week, i hope you enjoy a little piece of my family. 


thank you for your sweet comments! i read every single one <3