birthday in the city.

a couple of weeks ago, i celebrated my twenty-first birthday. with a whole lot of family in nashville and friends that are far away, my dad decided to make his way down from northern california to celebrate. to say the least? i was excited. it's nice to drive around los angeles in a bmw instead of my college kid jalopy, and i got to show dad all of my favorite places in the city.

dad treated at the bonaventure, where i had my first drink (a lemon drop martini!) and got to patter around in my favorite sky high heels. the hotel is gorgeous, by the way, and stuck right smack dab in the middle of downtown. i have an old friend who always wanted to go, and they spoke of it highly. when i realized that there was a restaurant, i just couldn't resist. the cocktail lounge slowly revolves, so you can see the whole of the city. it was amazing. sweet and simple, just the way i like it ;)

i'm very thankful my dad decided to take a whole weekend off of work to spend time with his displaced daughter. this california girl is now excited to see the whote family again, when we can all hang out together in that place called nashville. such a sweet daddy, huh? :)
{dad's a big fan of hollywood...}

{we clean up pretty good, hey?}


  1. Awww, that's so cute and sweet! I like your dress and shoes from the first 2 pictures :)

  2. LOVE this Meg. Dad blocking the Hollywood sign is a real "keeper". I think we need to frame that one for the house. You two look adorable.

  3. hahaha I love how your dad is blocking the sign! HOW GREAT! :D Meghan goes all out! WOOOO!


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