four on friday.

 {early morning light}

yay! it's time for four on friday! i haven't done this in awhile, so i'm kinda psyched. this week, i thought i would regale you with the millions of instagram pictures that take up residence on my super cool new iphone. (i know, i know. i followed the crowd. sue me.)

here are some photos from this week/lastweek/lastmonth. i haven't been on here for awhile, so cut me a break! ;) hope your week was absolutely fantastic, and have a happy weekend. i'll see you all on monday. (ps: i will not say ya'll, i will not say ya'll...)

 {school+converse just go together. right?}
 {freshly painted nails and a new book.}
 {an old photo of mine edited with fun!}


  1. All the picture editing apps on phones are so much fun to play with ;) I love reading a new book!

  2. so i've been an instagram-a-holic since i got my new iphone, so i'm right there with ya sista!

    p.s. chucks+anything=awesome :)

    p.p.s. [saying it again] so glad you're back, my daily blog reading list was missing your stories!


  3. love the last photo! very vintage-looking ;)

  4. Love the pic of the bridge! I'll be there next week celebrating my birthday with my hubby. Just gotta get through finals....

  5. I love that last picture! Gorgeous. And freshly painted nails and a new book are wonderful.

  6. very cute post! love the picture of the golden gate bridge, since we live in SF!
    love your cute blog and we are definitely following you now.. xo
    enter our giveaway!

  7. Amazing photo of the Golden Gate Bridge!! It should be on a postcard:)

  8. BOOKS! I'm reading some counseling books now. <3 I love the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge! So cool. :)


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