long distance.

the move from LA to Nashville has been rough. i would be lying if i said it wasn't. i miss the warm weather and the fast pace of everything, the way the 170 highway dips into stunning views of hollywood/downtown. that one iconic sign on the hill, the ocean, the palm trees and the need for sunglasses. a place to call my own, lemonade on melrose, ice cream in brentwood, movie sets and my best friend. i know, dorky, hey?

i almost titled this post, "two weeks in tennessee," because just fourteen days in, I was ready to head back out. nashville is full of sweet people and home cooking, but the rough edge and beauty of that one city i left? it's hard to forget. for now, i'm a long distance best friend, a long distance california girl, and  a long distance LA lover. i've promised myself a year in nashville. one year to upend this city, to explore chicago (only seven hours away!), pop down to new orleans or springfield or birmingham, visit the civil war sites (i'm a closet history buff), and take advantage of all the free country music i can.

for now, i'm in a city where johnny cash sang, where he fell in love with a lady named june. where patsy cline crooned, and elvis danced. this is music city, usa. not los angeles, not san francisco. but nashville. it's been a battle to recognize that if i spend all my time mooning over what once was, i'm never going to appreciate the beauty of what is.

excuse the short post, everyone. but it's about time i put a little 'california' in tennessee. care to join me?


  1. aw, you will soon learn to appreciate it i am sure!

    1. I hope so, it's definitely a process ;)

  2. Awwww my poor Meghan! Hope you're doing better though! :) <3


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