sunday afternoons.

my sweet little camera has been packed up for much, much too long. I miss getting to snap pictures all the time, looking like a total tourist in my own town {except sometimes real tourists think i'm a professional and ask me to take their photos...and i giggle a little bit ;) } after being cooped up sick all weekend and falling in LOVE with the mid-afternoon light, i decided to snap a couple of nerdy shots.

because sometimes it's fun to get all, 'pretend' artsy.
here's my little love affair with light, courtesy of your favorite amateur photographer.
one day, i hope to REALLY know how to take good pictures in it ;)

 {my mama made this chair all talented!}

 {light + light}
{i just love light on the floor.}
 {this playset is just dying for it to be summer}
{lonely little winter hammock}


  1. I know what you mean about light! Living in west MI every time the sun peeks through I am running to it:) fun pics!

  2. i think light streaming in my windows is one of my favorite things!

  3. Hehe, everyone has to start somewhere ;) I love your home, it looks like one that can be found on Pinterest!

  4. AHHHH! THE LIGHTING! I LOVE the light! It's so great. :) NO WONDER Jesus is light! Your mom's chair is SO CUTE. It looks SO country!


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