africa update.

i can hardly believe it's 2013. the years seem to pass so fast, leaving little trails of broken memories behind. usually, i get all nostalgic and moody around the 31st. but here? there was really no time. i guess africa just wrings that out of you. i was too busy seeing my FIRST wonder of the world {victoria falls}, getting a wicked sunburn, playing with lions, taking pictures of baby monkeys, laughing with my best friend and enjoying the sweet hospitality of her family. i must say, 2012. you sure went out with a bang.
2013 has quite a few promises, as well. living in nashville, leasing yet another apartment {but much cheaper than LA, thank heavens!}, being near my family again, beginning graduate school, applying to MFA programs, maybe seeing my first country music star ;) i can't wait to hang out with my mama, find a new job and write my heart out until my best friend moves to tennessee in may. {i know, i know. i'm pretty lucky.} alright, 2013. last year left some big shoes to fill. you ready? 

{nyasha, two months old and cute as ever!}

{sunset cruise on the great zambezi river}
 {taking pictures. of everything.}
{no guard rails. 354 feet down.}
{where did 2012 take you?}


  1. Woah, the no guard rails picture is pretty scary! Looks like you're really enjoying your time there! Have a happy 2013 :)

  2. LOVE the picture of you taking a picture. (Thanks Shannon!) DO NOT love the one of my child's feet on the slippery ledge of a 354 drop.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Nashville is going to love you and your family.


  4. AHHH! THE NO GUARD RAILS! BUT THE FALLS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I would love to hold a lion cub. :) Glad you're having so much fun!

  5. love your outfit on the sunset cruise so cute!


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