hello, from cape town!

there are only a couple days left in this summery/lovely/gorgeous place called, 'africa.' it's been filled with penguins and flamingos and lions and zebras, strange words, unimaginable poverty, the exhumation of my own first world ideologies and the majesty of God's creation. it was a huge step of faith to actually buy my ticket, and take my california-girl self to one of the most exotic places in the world. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful trip, one that i got to share with my best friend from college, a trip that lasted weeks and weeks and made me more aware of the world that exists beyond my own.

well, now.

i'm off to go enjoy my last couple of days of holiday in cape town {in case you're wondering, this is where it is, and i also spent LOTS of time here and here and here}. blogging will resume once i get to my new home in nashville, tennessee, and after i give all my siblings hugs and African candy :)


  1. Such a gorgeous place! I love how everything is simple and surrounded by nature - something I need more of!

  2. i am so jealous, cape town looks beautiful!!

  3. Love these pictures, you are one lucky lady and i LOVE your blog :) I have actually nominated you for the Liebster Award :) It's a fun little way to get your name out there a little bit more :) check out the post here...

  4. God's creation is unbelievable and you captured amazing pictures of it! If you don't mind me asking where did you get that adorable bow dress? You look beautiful in it!

  5. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE that shot of you and Shanz! LOVE IT! OH and I love the other shots as well. You must have been so high up to get some of those! Thanks for sharing! You should've brought home a penguin for meee. ;)


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