moments with the media.

it's awards season in LA...and i've been watching movies non-stop. kind of. isn't it funny how millions of people get excited because of someone's...acting ability? at least for me, i've never seen anyone hold a party for when the winner of the nobel/pulitzer prize is announced. it's as soon as the SAG awards/goldenglobes/oscars roll around that the popcorn gets popped and the dress analysis begins. 

i don't know. 

maybe it's cliche, and maybe it's a little bit silly. but i can't wait to host an oscar party, one day when i finally get the chance to watch it on my own tv. this amazing blogger did it so well, that i think it will be fun to have one of my own. thus, lots of thoughts about movies, and what makes a movie good. is it really the acting? or is it the story? the characters and the setting and the script writing? or, is the value of a movie simply in the eyes of the beholder?

i mean, i have a few favorite movies. it's such a form of excitement to love/learn from/enjoy quite a few that tell stories about: 

and...i can't wait to watch this one. if you have, tell me how it is. because i'm extremely excited. 

do you have any ideas? what are your favorite movies, and have they affected you at all? the way you look at the world, or maybe, the way you don't? 

{{ps. i'm tired of michelle williams being jipped out of an oscar. i mean, seriously!?!? (check her work out here and here and here)}}


  1. Oooh Little Birds looks great. I hope you find it this weekend and watch it. And hey guess what? I have a bike now ;)

  2. Great idea Meghan! Favorite movies: Lion King, Aladdin, Goofy Movie, Up, Totoro, Castle in the Sky, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings series...I can't think of any nonanimated! haha XD I wanna watch Little Miss Sunshine now and Winter's Bones! AH!


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