ikea run.

i was thinking this afternoon. i guess i'm kind of, maybe, close to...? being an adult. that means that my dad isn't always here to read the directions, and my mom doesn't make me dinner every night. as sad and disappointing as that is, i am now able to experience all the super cool adult things i wanted to do as a kid, like...paying a ton of money for furniture? reading the instructions (pictures?!?!) wrong? realizing why my dad hated painting so much?

yep. that sounds about right.

a couple of weeks ago the best friend and i headed down to burbank, so we wouldn't have to sleep on the floor of our bedroom any longer. yes, the receipt was three digits and my dad wasn't standing next to me with his handy-dandy credit card. no, my mom's darling fashion sense was non-existent, and yes. yes i did get lost in the parking garage.

i'm hoping adulthood gets a little easier at some point...

 (the cheap bed slats. naturally)

 (the warehouse)

 (best friend took over because...i'm bad with directions.)

(a never-ending, painful, frustrating, hot job)

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  1. HAHAHAHA MEGHAN! I LOVE YOU! I'm good at the direction stuff, so if you need me, let me know. ;)


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