loving where you are...

sometimes i get a bit of an itch. an adventure itch, one that makes me want to make my bed a stranger and hang out with my car for a long, long time. for someone who loves to take long runs and smile really hard, california has definitely been the best place to grow up.

in the past two years i have made the state of california my personal playground. in the past two weeks i have driven my creaking little car up to the bay area, down to san diego, as well as in and out of hollywood and los angeles. my home state, my adventure place. somewhere i love.

in a few short months, i'll be making a big move. it will be a good thing, but oh so sad. no one wants to leave their home. however, since i've lived in the san francisco bay area, up around sacramento and in la, i must say. i don't think you can find a more true blue california girl. i'm not quite sure how tennessee/iowa/maine will serve to treat me, but i know how i will be to them. 

kind, polite. i'll work somewhere and let them tax me. but i will make every place an adventure, an experience to wrap my mind around when i am tired. i've have been well taught by my kooky parents. there is a story in every song, in the cracks running along an old woman's cheeks and clinched between the tight clasped hands of best friends. it's always important to love where you are, but it is a great thing to find beauty in where you end up. 

my dear california, i love you more than you know. and i will be back. our next six months are going to be lovely, and i can't wait to spend them with you. but then it's time to go...

in celebration of my ((stunning)) home state, here are a few bits and pieces from a recent time back home, to the bay area. 

(somewhere along beautiful california backroads) 

(art's cafe in the sunset district)

 (loving on my sweet bay area baby)

(dressing up to write something beautiful)


  1. These six months will fly. But, you'll always be a California girl at heart. Always. Love Mom xo

  2. OH MY GOSH! You look like a celebrity in the last picture!!!! WOW! :D The pringles will always stay in your heart. ;D


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