Music: Monday.

i never really branch out of my country music comfort zone, which i guess makes me a little uncultured in the eyes of music snobs. but you know what? that's just fine. i don't need to be considered "sophisticated" or one with excessively cultured taste. instead, i'll settle to singing along to songs that tell stories. there's nothing wrong with a song that's simple, everybody. sometimes it is within the delicacy of simplicity that the greatest beauty hides.
*i don't like drinking songs. this definitely does NOT apply to uncouth drinking songs...

i heard this twangy tune a couple of hours ago, stuck on the hollywood freeway (170). at first, i thought it was a silly song about a break up, with an overly emotional girl and a love that grew cold. i was quite wrong. after looking a bit deeper, i realized that there was a heartbreaking story behind the simple lyrics. the chorus was written on a napkin, found crumpled up on the floor after a night of heartache.

if i were you, i would read the story, then listen to the song.
it makes it so much more powerful.


  1. You know something? I LOVE your blog. It's tender and transparent. Two great elements for a blogger to have.

    This song was a first time listen for you? Sad. If you were out in our parts, you'd already be tired of this song. ;O) Dad and I met a cute little country girl at dinner last night. She was our waitress. Reminded me alot of you. And, surprise, surprise...a wannabee country singer from Southern California!

    Love you honey. Miss you GOBS and GOBS. xox

  2. What a sad story! Thank you for the lovely post Meghan. :) <3


thank you for your sweet comments! i read every single one <3