i never thought i would say this, but...it's finally tuesday! if you're lucky, your tuesday, like mine, has become a friday. i guess that's only natural with tomorrow being the lovely fourth of july. i can't wait to drag the best friend down to san diego to fight the crowds and eat ice cream while watching fireworks. it's going to be amazing.

while we were waiting for one of my favorite holidays to finally get here, the best friend and i decided to take our minds off of our impatience and go down to one of our favorite places: hollywood. i love it there. i can never get enough of all the crazy characters on the street and sight of the hazy sign, high up in the hills. even though everyone could do without the ten-dollar parking and that filmy grime that clings to your hands, this is a pretty amazing place to spend my early twenties.

we decided to finally make our way down to pink's hot dogs on la brea and melrose to fulfill our tourist's bucket list. the line was only about a half hour long, so we got to enjoy chili dogs the size of our head in no time at all. we picked up a couple of cokes and matching mary-jane's (shoes!) from urban, and then took off for a winding drive through the hollywood hills. the roads are so precarious and windy, you can't help but feel indomitable so high above the multiple skylines. every house is different, one from a fairy tale and another straight from the set of 'star wars.' we came across a gorgeous hidden view high up on grandview drive, and managed to make it home in time to beat traffic.

there was a lot of laughter and big, cheek cracking smiles. i'd say it was a pretty successful adventure.

 (ready for a chili dog!)

 (it didn't last very long...)


 (best friend and her chili dog. no cheese.) 

(the aptly named, grandview drive.) 

 (homemade milkshakes//smoothies)

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  1. AHHH! That's so great! :D I love how blessed we are to live in the LA/OC area!!! <3


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