a must.

i don't usually post on the weekends. it just makes much more sense to enjoy the gorgeous LA sunshine, the cookies and milk in the fridge and a good book.

but then i tried a macaron and ran into jaime king.

first off, macarons are amazing {is it just me, or is this blog just becoming a food rant...?}. and jaime king is kind of gorgeous. the best friend and i decided to head down to the brentwood farmer's market, and the day was pretty much complete with lots of fruit/flowers/free samples.

ah, yes. the last farmer's market of the season. i'm going to miss them .


  1. I feel like such an outsider in that I have never had a macaron! And as your post says, they are a must! Therefore I must go out and find myself some. :)

  2. Oh my - I could write a whole post about macarons... Actually, I think I have! Sweet little pieces of heaven! :)

  3. Oh yum I absolutely adore macaroons. Those and cupcakes. They are so delicate and pretty! Almost too much so to eat. Where did you see Jaime King? That's so cool!
    Enjoying have a read of your blog, now following you :) Look forward to reading lots more from you!


  4. I WAS WONDERING WHERE ALL THE FARMER'S MARKETS WENT. NO WONDER. :O haha I want to try some of that toooo! I love food too much Meghan! XD <3


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