Isn't it funny?

{rest.} peruse the past? Sometimes I find myself startled at how much can happen in the course of a few months. It's shocking/insane/unbelievable.
To honor the end of summer, I thought you would enjoy a bit of what made it so unbelievably exciting.

Like this song.

And an article that makes you think.

The idea that this would be much more exciting if it was a love letter...

Can you believe there are real princess shoes?!?!

Thank goodness this is over...what a joke..

Best chocolate-chip cookie recipe. ever.

I bawled my eyes out during this ending these girls! {forgive the subtitles}

New blog obsession.

The cutest baby in the world. {loving the name, 'eleanor' now!}

Next LA adventure for my sweet tooth...

I have to get over this movie obsession...and find a new book!

Fell in love with these prints...I bought one for San Francisco, and the other for LA!

Definitely just crafted this with an old copy of, "Wuthering Heights."

I hope your holiday weekend is as amazing as mine! I've been sleeping in until eight, (yes!) and eating lots of lemon sorbet. It makes for a wonderful long weekend.

ps: blog layout {with all the links!} credit goes to this inspirational blogger. I thought it was so fun I just had to try it. Thanks, Cup of Jo!

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  1. Ahhh I clicked on all of them! Praise the Lord Jersey Shore is over! WOO! I actually saw purses in Jackson Wyoming that were made out of Dr. Seuss books and other children classics. It was really neat! I DEFINITELY want to try the chocolate chip recipe! YUM!


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