days gone by.

okay, okay. i'll admit it.
i love looking at old photos.

it's one of my favorite things to flip through little pieces of the past, and smile at all the hidden memories that come rushing back. since i'm a big sister, it's always so sweet to see my little sibling's features soften and curve back into those adorable baby faces i miss so much.

there's something that's just so fascinating about the past. it enables us to enjoy the beauty of the present, and be excited for the promise of the future. my siblings faces may not be teeny-tiny any more.  but one day, we'll have our own to squeal over.

am i getting ahead of myself? maybe.
but there's nothing wrong with a little tuesday morning dreaming :)

in honor of the beginning of autumn, here are some of my favorite memories from back home, complete with pumpkins+sunny california weather.


  1. LOVE this post. So precious, honey. The family looks just adorable. Brings back LOTS of great fall memories. I hear you have a new camera. Hope you can handle disappearing into your life's milestones while you snap photos. As your pictures prove my point: they're minus a mom up there. No worries...I PROMISE to take millions more of YOU!

    1. I know!! It's so sad :( You should have given the camera to Dad, more! <3

  2. Very nostalgic when you look at old photos. I love it too.

  3. I love to do that throw that Thursday on Instagram

  4. I do the same thing, haha. This reminds me of my younger days with my brothers when we used to go pumpkin picking! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just did a post on stylish elephant decor (sounds silly, I know!) Follow if you like :)


  5. THE PICTURES! THE OLD NAVY SHIRTS! LOVE IT! Soooo precious and cute! Just beautiful. :)


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