one of those days.

you see all this chocolate?
i want to eat it. all.

it's a rare cloudy day in los angeles, and i really just want to cuddle up in bed all day with a good book and never-ending amounts of peppermint hot chocolate and sourdough toast.

instead? i'll spend eight hours at work, meet with one of my favorite professor's about my writing, and then hoof it to school for night class. Wednesday's are not my favorite.

So, in lieu of a long and convoluted blog post, i thought i would focus on some of my favorite things today. it's always good to find bits and pieces to make you smile, especially when the day seems just much too long! :)

{little lydia's sweet baby face}

{comfort food at puckett's

{old doors and antique stores} 

{downtown nashville//where the past and present meld perfectly} 

{long talks with mama + cinnamon rolls} 

{long hair/no make-up/sunglasses days} 

{the bleeker pizza from this place!} 

{old locks} 

{water wheels} 

 {old family photos//notice the golden gate in the background??}


 {sleeping baby face}

{goldfish in class}


  1. Awww this describes you so perfectly! I love the Nashville picture! So cool! :)

  2. um...I don't see me anywhere on this list. I think your best friend should be included. :)

    1. No, you weren't on this're just everywhere else! ;)

  3. Very cute- I love anything chocolate! Do you live in Nashville?? That's where I grew up till about 17- crazy. Great post!

  4. I love godfish crackers, they're so yummy!

  5. Great post!

  6. Great post :) love the little things in life :)

    I hope you will take a look around my blog :)


  7. I hope you can make it through these long days! You deserve a bar (or two) of chocolate. And these photos are really great, I want one of those antique doors!!

  8. Absolutely love these pics, sounds like a packed day but a nice one too!

    Alex xo

  9. NICE post and pics!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. What a fun collection! I like those old doors. And YEAH for goldfish ;)

  11. Wow!! I just loved ur blog!! But first, thank u so much for stopping by my art blog and for the lovely comments!!
    I live in the valley.. The clouds did come here but vanished in a matt of 2 hrs.. I love peppermint mocha.. And m just loving all the pics here...

    Would you like to follow each other.. ???


  12. It is always important to remember the important things on busy days! All that food is making my mouth water.

  13. This blog is beautiful! It's a breath of fresh air, :) and I love all the photos!


thank you for your sweet comments! i read every single one <3