labor day.


for labor day weekend, the best friend and i decided to head down to hollywood for some yummy pancakes and a day of low-key shopping. (this place was the best!) the city was surprisingly empty, and we hit absolutely no traffic. in LA? this is a miracle in itself. hope your day was just as exciting!

 {our view for the day}

{cutie ice cream}

 {lemon slush}

{slushie heaven}

 {strawberry slush}

 {in love with all the fun olive oil bottles}

 {chocolate, chocolate, chocolate heaven!}

 {jawbreaker the size of a baseball...}


{pretzel fun}

{99% cacao? too nervous to try $30 candy bars...}

 {best friend + pancakes = amazing.}

 {mounds pancakes? heaven.}

 {egg scramble}

{crazy/loud atmosphere}

 {happy/full best friends}

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  1. They don't sell pretzels covered in chocolate over here in England (well, they do but they are super hard to find), I make my own as I'm so addicted to them!Rx

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Those pancakes and making me quite hungry though!

  3. 1. ROOMMATE, I LOVE THAT COLOR ON YOU!! You look fab.
    2. Africa's hair is getting so long and beautiful, you guys are gorgeous.
    3. Those pancakes look delish, and that dark chocolate sounds gross. :)
    Roommate #1! ;D

  4. Great photos! Looks like you had fun :)

  5. WOOOOAH! THE PANCAKES! THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS! And that jawbreaker....UGH, that looks like it would break teeth in like...two seconds!


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