another beginning.

tomorrow is graduation. it won't be my first, definitely not my last. but this time it feels real. this time, it's college. tomorrow night i'll walk across a stage in front of a couple thousand people and get a degree. it's one i've struggled for, cried over, and dreamed of since i was a little girl flipping through harvard pamphlets. i didn't quite make it to an ivy league school, but i've had the amazing opportunity to attend the master's college. two years have gone by so fast. i've had the opportunity to fall in love with los angeles and make some beautiful friends. my professors have been supportive and kind, my textbooks exceedingly long and expensive. but it's college, right? it's all part of the experience.

and now it's almost over. 

tonight is the last night with my roommate, my last night in a dorm. i giggled over pizza and silly wedding shows, packed my room, unplugged my alarm clock. on monday i start my first professional job as a college graduate. in january i move to tennessee to attend utk for their social psychology program. to think tomorrow night is only the beginning of all these changes...

i am so thankful for the life God has given me, and the plans he has for the future. 
and i think i'm ready. 
ready for graduation, 2012. 

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