on the road...again.

i love car rides.
i hate filling up my tank (seriously, los angeles?? $4.46 a gallon!?)
this smile is fake.
but i still love car rides.
i think the fault lies with my mom and dad.
they threw us kids in the car, despite our whining for a majority of our childhood to simply: drive.
i think we hated it back then, especially me.
all the siblings could read in the car but i got extremely nauseous.
i learned to stare out the window and make up stories to myself, and as a teen i learned to plug in my ipod.
now i pack light and leave early.
put on country music, pack yummy salty/sweet foods and chat with the best friend.
driving and i?
have a great relationship, now.
especially when you throw in one of these.


  1. MMM that was some yummy ice-cream on our road trip. Can't wait for our epic trip across the country to Tennessee. :)

  2. LOVE your blog! Time to share it on Pinterest/Facebook...AND Twitter. xo


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