just a quick little note about me: i hate tuesdays. i can make it through a monday, excited to see friends again and sit at my desk. i can get a coffee and smile through an eight hour work day. but tuesdays?
that's when you realize you're stuck, right at the beginning of the week.

since i get to hang out with my family this weekend, it feels as if every hour drags by.
so i thought to keep away the tuesday blues, i should write down something i'm thankful for.
it keeps my head on straight, and helps me to be happy with what God has given me.
this week?

i am thankful for my great-grandma.
i called her up this afternoon, and she was so excited just to sit and chat for a couple of minutes. in my whole life, i have never hung up the phone without her telling me how proud she is, and how much she loves me. i have been so blessed to have a relationship with this crazy lady. she has weathered all the storms of life, and still manages to dance in the living room. i love her for it.

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  1. YAAAAA GRANDMA COO-COOOO! I love your blogs. :) It brings such joy to my life. <3


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