a day for mama.

i am so thankful for my crazy mama. she's definitely the most encouraging, intelligent, and godly woman i know. (and yes, i went to master's. i know a lot of great ladies.) she answers the phone any time of the day (sometimes even at night) and always knows how to make my tears go away.

sadly, today i don't get to give my mom a hug. she's six hours north, and i'm stuck in l.a.. so i thought i would write out a couple reasons why my mama is so amazing...

*her laugh lights up her face and makes everyone smile*
*she encourages in absolutely everything*
*she sets me straight when i'm wrong*
*my greatest defender*
*phenomenal writer (onto book #2!)*
*perfect example of a loving wife*
*will eat peanut butter + chocolate ice cream any time of the day*
*her stories make me happy*
*our marathon phone calls make any day better*
*her strength = inspirational*
*makes a new best friend on every plane flight*
*loves pancakes and brown sugar*
*excited for new adventures*
*likes curvy roads + dad*
*never settles for less*
*loves her well read/used bible*

this is much too tiny a list for my favorite lady. i am so blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life, especially as my mom. thankful for the past twenty years, and looking forward to many, many more.
love you, mom.


  1. You made me cry. Sigh. No greater gift you could've given me on Mother's Day than the gift of your words. I love you. xox


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