thankful for the little ones...

i'm always nervous to sing on sunday mornings. yes, i know my audience only consists of elementary school kids, but it's still intimidating! i'm always nervous that i'll hit the wrong note and they'll skewer me with their big baby eyes...that i'll become a worship pariah and hated sunday school teacher. ugh. 

yet every week i am overwhelmingly blessed by the little children i am supposed to be serving. they come to church full of life and excited to praise the lord, lifting their hands like mommy and daddy and crooking their arms around their 'bestie' of the moment. before i even have the chance to get nervous, they fill in my croaky good-morning voice, off tune stops and starts and pitchy momentswith their sweet song. the room becomes filled with beautiful little girl/boy worship. what joy our lord must have in these children.

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