a (kind of) lazy sunday.

it's on days like this that i love living in la. it was just hot enough to wear new shorts and red sandals, but not too warm that i couldn't drag my best friend down to hollywood. we spent the day walking melrose avenue and having a late lunch at cellar55. where, i might add, they have homemade lemonade.
before heading home, we made a quick trip down westchester to sneak a peek at the creepy, "american horror story" house, (since i am eagerly awaiting season two in october) and poor shannon had to shoot a million pictures.
yes. it's just as creepy in person.
even though next week we will be up in northern california, i can't help but be excited for another sunday in the city.

here are a couple of my favorite moments.

a surprise "flash" promo, complete with free t-shirts and original costumes :)

the beautiful hollywood sunset... 

 cellar55. great best friend date. 

 hollywood glamour - in real life. 

 homemade lemonade. 

the scariest house ever. roommate...we need to go!! 


  1. It was a fun day. :) We should do it again and this time go in the scary house.


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