adventures on monday nights.

mondays are supposed to be boring. they're supposed to drag you out of bed, slap a cup of too-cold coffee in your hand and make you stumble into the office. but, of course. they don't have to be like that. when i was in high school, my little brother and i used to drive to school together. sometimes it was good, other times it was a bit angst-y. then i read somewhere that if you go through your life hating mondays, you end up hating 1/7 of your life.

okay, okay. pretty understandable, right?

but who wants to hate that MUCH of their life? It's kind of a lot, if you think about it. so little brother and i started going to starbucks every monday. it was a treat that we could look forward to, and it has since morphed into a tradition that i keep myself.

sometimes monday will be movie night. other days, i'll drag the best friend deep into the city with me, like this week. with our soon-to-expire groupon, we made our first trip to actually watch a movie at grauman's chinese theater. you've all heard about it.  it's the one place on hollywood boulevard where you can stick your hands into the germ infested hand prints of the stars. (if you're still unsure, you can check it out here, here, and here.)

it was kind of hot, and lots of crazy. hollywood is always amazing (i would LOVE to spend some time living in those hills...), but on mondays the amount of tourists fall dramatically. we only had to step off the stars on the street once for a camera wielding family, and there was only one parking mishap with a snotty lady from kansas (you can't ignore someone in an la parking garage, for ten minutes. we'll knock on your window).

okay. so it's can spend some time planning your monday adventure. i've been thinking about mine all week.

(family time in hollywood. *note: no cameras!) 

 (our flirty chewbacca friend. he insisted on a picture.)

 (taking a picture with my fellow blonde)

 (best friend)

(the theater. huge and gorgeous.)

(yes. we were the nerds loving the powder room...)


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