leaving a mark on the ryman.

{inside the ryman}

when i think of classic country singers, there is no one more iconic than johnny cash. then i think about june carter, and dolly parton. patsy cline gets thrown into the mix, as well as hank williams. there are quite a few names that are more than easy to drop, and they all made their tennessee performance home at the ryman auditorium.

it was the first grand ole opry. the acoustics are excellent, rivaled in the united states only by the mormon tabernacle choir. my mama and i were able to take a backstage tour and hear all the stories that echo through the wood paneled halls. the hall is still in use (martina mcbride will be there in september!), and everyone from garth brooks to the kings of leon wait in line to get a concert date.

i guess it's a bit hard to explain in a couple of disjointed words how amazing this historical landmark truly is. the ryman is where quite a few contemporary country stars perform on a monthly basis, and the grammy award nominations will be held here in the late fall. i have a feeling taylor swift will be honored...as well as quite a few of the main pop and rock singers as of late.

although the grand ole opry was rebuilt in the middle of the seventies far away from downtown nashville, the ryman is known as the home of country music. mama loved it, and i thought all the history was exciting and almost eerie. the tour guides (who personally knew johnny and june) talk about the ghosts in the hallways, watching the acts from the wings.

i'd take the old over the new any day.

 {cowboy boots of the stars + me}

{johnny/june/meg. it has a ring, doesn't it? ;) }


 {the tour guides. who know everyone. literally.}

{mama and her favorites!}


{tall ceilings for the acoustics}

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  1. Wooooooow, that is so cool! :DD I'll have to go sometime. ;) The rooms just look FANTASTIC for acoustics. GO SING YOUR HEART OUT MEGHAN! WOOOO! :D


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