LA crazy(ies).

it's wednesday, and i feel like i am still recuperating from the weekend. every morning is a strain. but, of course, the weekend in hollywood was more than worth it. it was time for a dearly departed tour with the college roommate, a couple crazy independent drives through benedict canyon (up cielo drive! yikes!), and a few hours to relax on the beach in malibu before sunday afternoon dimmed into evening.

it was an amazing couple of days that i WISH weren't over.

we visited the grave of marilyn monroe on the fiftieth anniversary of her death, and still found time to eat at the now famous el coyote and catch a movie at the hollywood forever cemetery. i don't think our weekend could have been more intensely, "los angeles."

here are a few pictures that might paint a pretty good picture...and i promise. in-depth stories/moments of laughter/utter joy posts are coming soon.

 (the gorgeous sunset in the cemetery)

 (hanging out with scott - published author/dearly departed founder/hollywood fanatic)

 (visiting natalie wood's grave)

(the denny's where the manson family celebrated with chocolate shakes :: yes, morbid. i know.)

(beach with the best friend//ps: i'm in love with these red sandals. thanks, taza!)

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  1. WOAH! :O I didn't know you saw Marilyn Monroe's grave!! How exciting! :D


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