lake hollywood.

i actually had never heard of lake hollywood {it sounds like something from a 'b' movie} until i found a website boasting images of homes in the hollywood hills. since i love driving and hollywood, i thought it would be fun to take a trip to the east side, rather than the west.

lake hollywood is off of cahuenga blvd, and climbs up beyond the 170 freeway to a little secluded place right below the sign. and when i say, right below the sign? i mean it. {there were a couple gasp/stop the car/it's so gorgeous moments}

there were quite a few joggers and cyclists as well, wandering up and down the twisty dirt paths. the reservoir was absolutely breathtaking. the dam looks over the LA valley, and the whole lake area feels like a bit of heaven in the middle of the city. i even heard birds chirping. um, has anyone else heard a bird chirp in LA? i didn't think so ;)

we spent another hour driving through east hollywood neighborhoods. houses are so eclectic and imaginative, a few times i simply had to drop my jaw in awe of human creativity. i honestly don't think i will put up with anyone calling LA ugly ever again. expensive? yes. but ugly? no. even the smog doesn't seem so bad anymore...

i can understand why ashton kutcher lives up here. if i was rich, i would, too!

 {this place.}

{hollywood neighborhood}


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