farmer's market addict.

okay, i think there could be a slight problem. i might really like farmer's markets. it doesn't matter whether they are on a hot street in newhall, off the road in the middle of  i-5 or in the san francisco sunset district. they're amazing. how can you not like a cute, rustic layout with lots of yummy california fruit and flowers?

i might have a little/big obsession.

a couple of weeks ago, the best friend and i had the chance to visit friends and family in the bay area. and...we might be going there next week as well. just don't tell my car.

tucked away in the sunset district, we found a darling little side street with rickety carts and lots of local farmers with long hair and gravelly voices. it was lovely. we people watched, considered signing a petition {we didn't ;)}, and brought home wildflowers and homemade soap.

i already love san francisco, and then somehow we accidently managed to stumble on the cutest local market in the city. this could prove to be a deadly combination for my heart. it's at times like these that i think on the sweet blessings that God has in store. sometimes i think i have seen it all, and then He surprises me with another little gem. i am so grateful.

{all the people. heaven.}

 {sleepy sundays and coffee shops}

{strange colored cauliflower? the best.}

{flowers and brick stairways: they belong together}

 {only some well timed words from the best friend kept me from buying all of these...}

{pamela soap? yum.}

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