four on friday.

it has been a crazy, hectic week. one complete with a bout of the flu, lots of orange juice, biology lab and eighties rock music. i was supposed to head up to san francisco this weekend to see my favorite lady {great-grandma cusamano}, but i don't want to bring all my germs up north. i'll be up there next week, thanks to my sweet/flexible aunt. you can be sure there will be lots of san francisco lovin' on the blog soon!

this saturday? is a special day in los angeles. not hollywood, not santa monica, but los angeles. downtown los angeles. {i might have watched this movie recently..} i hope your weekend is just as amazing, full of skyscrapers and crazy people and good food. i can't wait to catch up on all your blogs on monday and see how each and every one turned out :)

 {fried egg gummy candies!}

 {too many pictures}

 {black tea lemonade, courtesy of the best friend}

{baking cookies on sunday afternoon}


  1. So cute, get better soon! Can't wait to see all the San Fran pics!! :)

  2. Oh, bummer about the flu! I hope you enjoy your trip to LA.

  3. If cookies don't cure the flu I don't know what else would...

  4. Are those chunks of salt on top of those cookie dough balls?!? Looks d-lish! Love the fried egg gummies!

  5. THE COOKIES ARE SO GOOD! And they sell Black Tea lemonade?? I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! :OOO That sounds DELICIOUS! Do the fried egg gummies actually taste like fried eggs? :O


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