making it yours {2}

last week, i got to share with you a bit about decorating that usually messy, white bathroom counter we all have {see this post}. it wasn't until late on friday night that i figured out what i was going to be doing this week:

decorating a camera bag.

since i bought my sweet little canon rebel a couple of weeks ago, i've been cradling it like a small child and trying to keep it out of harms way while still camera bag-less. i checked etsy and amazon, chain stores and friendly recommendations for my "bag-mate." there simply wasn't anything that fit my flair for girly-vintage fun. since i was going to be carrying it around everywhere, i needed to make sure i wasn't cringing at the sight.

then came a fateful trip at the cusp of the weekend. we were hunting through mountains of old purses and totes when my best friend found an old camera bag. it was black and painfully beat up, with a wiry strap that bit deep into my shoulder. but with a little tender loving care? it became a home to my little camera. i might be a little {a lot} ecstatic. with a bit of paint+patience+broadway tunes, i've finally made this precious little bag my own.

{all crafting materials found at jo ann}

{before: wiry plastic strap and all}



  1. Dang girl, that thing is cute! Don't you love those little gems you can find at Goodwill? I once found a brand new box picnic basket, completely handmade. Love!

    PS- thanks for the comment on my blog. :) following!

  2. wow!!!!! that's amazing! I love the final result!
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  3. You are super, super crafty!!! Love it.

  4. This is so adorable! I absolutely love it!
    xo Heather

  5. this is so creative!!! i really like it. i might have to try it when i get my own canon. :D

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  6. What an adorable idea!!! I am swooning over a few that are way out of the budget but this gives me inspiration to maybe find an oldie and make it mine! Super cute!!!


  7. I could've sworn I commented on this...BUT HEY. Great job on the DIY. ;)


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