the {im}perfect ponytail.

i am not very talented with my hair. up until high school, i would beg my mother to pull my scraggly blonde hair up into a ponytail, and curl it for my dances. i didn't buy a straightener until last month, and i can't use a curling iron for my life. yes, yes. you can laugh. how does a person {woman} get to the age of twenty without using those hot and scary styling tools?

honestly? i don't know.

i either didn't care, or was just too lazy. i would much rather sleep for another two hours then spend it on my bathroom counter singeing my bangs and scrubbing my face with powders. but then of course, every time i do it i have the time of my life. ;) Make-up is fun, and so is pretty/celebrityworthy hair. i just don't have it very often.

{this is how i should have spent all of my high school years. with my hand right...there ;) }

my battle {or lack thereof} with hair made me think about all my other +weirdo quirks, so here's a {baby} list:
1. i love plain celery. a lot. yes, you read that right. all. by. itself. {collective gasp}
2. i'm still scared when the closet door is left open at night.
3.  music is always playing when i take a shower. it's usually country, and then i commence to singing into my razor.
4. i only drink 2% milk out of a glass. {and usually a wine glass, at that...}
5. when i take my clothes out of the closet, i always bring the hanger, too. which is dumb because then it ends up on my floor for a week.
6. i find the counter to be a perfect place to sit, at any time. and much to the chagrin of my father.
7. i still hide a little bag of chocolate chips under my bed. {i'm still doin' it, mama!}
8. four is my favorite number {4}, so i like to make lists/live life in multiples of four. case in point.

my best friend had to help me make my  list, but i would absolutely love to hear from you. anything quirky/fun that you think needs a little airing out?


  1. I can't sleep with the closet door open, either! haha - Just like I need some sort of blanket or sheet over me.

    - tianna :)

  2. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to hair ... but it's OK, cuz I think messy hair is cute. :)

  3. I used to be able to just bite into a cucumber whole, but celery:( blah! I love the chocolate chip thing, sounds like something my hubby would do!

  4. I still sleep with a blanket I got from my Grandparents when I was like...4 years old. So, yea, kinda weird.
    <3 Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life

  5. meg - try this wand: (holy cow that's a long url). it's totally easy to use even for curling-iron-allergic people like you and me! i use it almost every day!

    and as for something quirky, i don't like to sleep without something (usually my top sheet/comforter) covering my ears :)

  6. One quirky thing? If I leave the house for hours, I MUST take a book, or something along to entertain me. Just in case of well, I don't know.

  7. Hah, I love this post!! Seriously, I am THE WORST with hair. Totally get what you mean. In high school I was so proud that I got my hair to part a different way. It took 30 minutes... haha. And sometimes I try braiding my hair, but it takes like an hour before I get it to be what I want. It's almost always just down or in a ponytail. I see so many bloggers with perfect hair and I'm totally jealous, but I have no skills. So thanks for admitting you're in the same boat!!

    Also, your little confessions reminded me of one of my own - I bought semi-transparent shower curtains because otherwise I always have to check to make sure no one's hiding back there, so this way it'll save me some time. =D

  8. oh man i bought a straightener in college for the first time and i'm pretty sure it saved my social life. i had such horrible hair!!! my quirky thing is that i love opening the dishwasher when its finished cleaning and getting a steam facial :)

  9. Like your closet comment, I hate having the shades on a window open at night. It just makes me uncomfortable!

  10. Your hair looks lovely in the first picture. Now, talking of quirky things, you have just opened a never ending hot topic, because who doesn't have any. I relate to your no. 2, sometimes I do no.5 too and of course no.7 is always present, not under my bed, but just by it, in the nightstand, just in case :) I would need a series of post to express all my quirky habits, so I will end it here for the moment.

  11. this post is funny- I love a good ponytail. I'm a hue fan of the big msesy bun on top of my head- been rocking that since highschool.

  12. MEGHAN! You're so cute! I love your quirky things. :) How golden.


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