last week, i was serving at church in the children's worship band, when one of our members came in with little donut-hole shaped pastries with powdered sugar and jam. he called them...aebleskivers.

funny word, hey? i thought so too.

he said they're what the little town of solvang is known for, and due to the fact i hadn't been there, i needed to go. solvang is a tiny town about a half an hour outside of santa barbara, and it serves as a little piece of denmark in california. there are quite a few tiny shops filled with yummy, calorie-laden pastries and pretty buildings that look like they're straight out of a storybook.

we got to try the aebleskiver pastry here, and walk around on streets where fall leaves were already rustling on the ground. there were statues and book rooms dedicated to hans christian andersen, people who smiled and waved and shops that smelled sweet with homemade soaps and perfumes. it was such a sweet saturday, one filled with winding roads and lots of laughter. there's nothing like driving along highway 1, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the oak and pine trees in the mountains on the same day.

have you been to solvang? or am i missing out on another hidden gem in this gorgeous state?


  1. I love how you can little towns like this, little Italy, CHinatowns, etc. Finding a piece of another country here in America.

    - tianna :)

  2. Those pastries sound and look so amazing! I can never pass up pastries. They're always so delicious!

  3. cute pics. I've never heard of aebleskivers before but they sound yummy

  4. How fun!! I would have never guessed this was in Cali! Stunning

  5. What fun! Love these pictures! And those desserts look delicious!
    xo TJ

  6. This place sounds so cool! :) I would love to go there some day! :)) <3


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