is it autumn?

{we're still doing this in my neck of the woods.}

due to the fact that today was around ninety degrees, i'm having trouble with the fact that it's supposedly, "fall". my mama has called from nashville and bragged about their chilly weather, but california is still nice and sunny. {the nice part is debatable}being a november baby, this is really difficult for me to deal with. my fall weather is going to be cut down to a couple of weeks...and i'm not happy. especially since my journal entries tell me that my school pretty much flooded last year around this time.

what in the world is happening?!?
since i feel like my world is falling apart, i have to comfort myself with bits and pieces of autumn. {i know, i know. another list. but i'm tired and it's late and you know you love 'em}

- pumpkins are on sale at the grocery store
- i changed best friend's name to, "Meredith Grey" in my phone, which means fall tv seasons have started up
- nighttime is getting chillier
- getting under the covers is now necessary at bedtime
- lemonade is on sale
- people are planning halloween parties{?!?!??}
- gas is going down, just a little bit ;)

has fall come to your town? it's time to share with LA, everybody! ;)


  1. Thank you so much for the cute comment on my blog! I really like your blog and now follow you via GFC :) Would love, if you'd follow back.
    xxx Lena ♥

  2. It's just gotten chilly here in Vancouver, but for the longest time it was so nice and warm still! Don't complain haha, I hate the cold! Would kill for some heat right about now.

    Alexandra xo

  3. Hmm i don't have Fall in my country, it's summer all year round. Haha.

    Btw that photo is cute! :)

  4. Well, I can say for here in Texas things will get cool and then they'll get hot. We've got some pretty bi-polar weather. But I make do wearing boots with a sleeveless and no one says anything.

    Now you've got me thinking about what I might carve for Halloween?!


  5. 90 degrees! that would be weird!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I love your blog! I'm now going to follow you :) The beginning of Fall in Utah is strange, very chilly in the a.m. and p.m. but quite warm in the day... Nonetheless I love Fall!

  7. Hope autumn comes to you soon its my favorite season. Here in Australia we are in spring now.

  8. I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan as well! Can't wait for the new season! :)

    Since I'm in India at the moment, it's between 30-35 degrees in Bombay, so it's the opposite of what fall should feel like. But I'm heading back to the UK next weekend, and I've heard temperatures have already started dropping there!


  9. I like the list. It DEFINITELY has been chillier these days at least! <3


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