the january adventure.

my grad school is positively phenomenal.
i know that bragging isn't okay, and usually i would be a bit annoyed with someone posting something so awful and audacious online.

but honestly.

take a peek at belmont university, and try to tell me you don't want a read a book under the tree and hang out with the cute cowboys. i've been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to view the school with some neat inside connections (thanks, mom!), as well as meet with the director of the english program.

although finances are never fun, the school has an excellent reputation, as well as quite a few distinguished alumni. not only that, but it has the inside scoop with vanderbilt, which makes a doctorate look much more appetizing to my artistic side.

i'll be studying here from january 2013 to the summer of 2014, and will hopefully get to enjoy working on an mfa afterwards. we will have to see what God has in store, because i am always getting ahead of myself. i want this and then that and some other thing...but the truth is? i'm only 20. i've got time.

i'm excited to go back to school in california on monday, (still working on a second BS in psychology) because i think nashville has to have some time get ready for a crazy little LA implant. i love my home state, i really do.


it looks like belmont is going to have a new creative writer on campus.

{the english department = a new home}


  1. It really is gorgeous! Why couldn't my campus look like that! Bet you are really looking forward to going, I would be :D


  2. whoaw nice campus! & thanks for passing by doll. Im now following you, follow back?

  3. that's a lovely campus. I hope you get to read many books under that tree :)

  4. beautiful photos!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  5. Such a beautiful campus!

    P.S. I'm hosting a monogrammed ring giveaway on my blog, so make sure you stop by and check it out!

  6. It looks beautiful! Its nice to be proud of your school!

    xo Rach

  7. That school truly is beautiful. I went to a beautiful College: SMU in Dallas, and it was so nice to just walk around or read a book under a gazebo.
    I can't believe you are only 20!! You are a smarty pants!

  8. gorgeous campus! you are going to do great! :)

  9. Oh wow - what a beautiful campus - I have say I chose my college campus (for undergrad though) based on looks.

  10. Wow! Your campus is beautiful! How exciting!

  11. Best of luck! beautiful Campus :)
    thanks for stopping by, I started following you, I hope you will follow back!

    Abi K

  12. It looks like you're going to have such an amazing time! Enjoy every minute :)

  13. Wow, this place looks absolutely amazing. I wish my Uni looked like this! :( Sure you'll have a brilliant time there! xx

  14. Awwww SO gorgeous! I want to go with youu! Let's go! :D haha It really does look beautiful though.


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