visiting seattle grace.

you all are going to laugh at these photographs, and i am sorry. but this was just so exciting! how do you NOT blog about a visit to seattle grace, of "grey's anatomy" fame? even though it is only in LA, not seattle...and closed on the weekends. it's the sepulveda ambulatory center, and it's fairly far north of the city in {wait for it} north hills.

i'm not crazy about going to movie sets or anything, and i don't stalk hollywood boulevard for all those premieres that go on and on and on. since i do have to plan around oscar/emmy traffic, however, i think it's okay to have my fill of the entertainment industry every once in awhile. here are a couple of pictures from this pretty little hospital on the hill, i hope my other "grey's anatomy" fans are with me when i say that this made for an incredible saturday morning.

i think you all know what i will be doing thursday night.

{remember these benches?

 {an alzheimer's clinic? this might have made me very happy because of this}


  1. I only watched for the first season but even still I entirely remember those benches!

    Alexandra xo

  2. i've been to that hospital too and i blogged about it as well, haha! how i wish i sat on those benches too! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. uuuhhhhaaAAAH! I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy (totally pathetic I know) and I was dying as I say your pics- I NEED to go there one day!

  4. Beautiful photos! Would love to visit this place one day!!

  5. Grey's Anatomy. What a Meghan show. :) Glad you enjoyed the trip to the..set! IF I were to visit for a set, I would visit for The Amanda Show. ;)


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