too many plans.

so...i went to work on my second, "make it your own" post. but then i realized that best friend had sorted laundry all over the floor, my closet was a mess and the trash was still in it's place. i don't think you want to see that ;) i'll be posting the next in my little baby series next monday, when my home is once again clean and photo worthy! for now, i've made this space my own with some clutter. great.

instead, i decided to do a blurb on san francisco. i'm headed back next week to spend some time with my grandma {shh! she doesn't know yet!}, and to spend some time in that gorgeous city by the bay. i've always loved it, and my heart catches when i see the bay bridge, think of powell street or the embarcadero. i'm sad that i live so far away now, but it's neat to know that there are so many other cities out there to explore.

i first visited when i was four months old, which was fitting, because i would be a bay area kid for roughly ten more years. after we moved {and i moved out}, i started making trips. it wasn't very far, and the theaters called my name. i ate lunch under the golden gate, and walked crissy field. i was introduced to amazing street vendors and tumbled my way down the filbert steps of telegraph hill. tip number one? throw away your map. i found these stairs by accident ;)

i've run up and down the hallways of city hall, toured a million coffee shops and had the best pizza in the richmond district. my camera fairly exploded with pictures of the golden gate, and i've lost myself quite a few times up and around all of those crazy hills {in a stick shift, no less}. san francisco was the place where i went to clear my head in college, and after the move to LA, where i took those who had never been. somehow, it never gets old. it's a place that's different every time you go.

what about all you lovely people out there? i left my heart in san francisco, but where have you left yours?

 {go here.}

 {bring your walkin' shoes.}

 {don't be afraid of the parking}

{change your life here}


  1. barcelona! i studied abroad there in college, visited my younger sister when she studied there, and can't wait to show my hubby around when we eventually go back. it's one of those places that has everything; city, countryside, mountains, the sea, and clearly, my heart.

    (great post!)

  2. San Fran is on my short list of places to visit, cant wait to go! but i left my heart in Austin, TX :)

    xo Rach

  3. these pics are so fun and cute :) i've only been to san fran once but i need to go back now!

  4. Just got back from there last month. Planning on making the move in a few months! Beautiful city - the whole Bay Area is.

    - tianna :)

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  6. Cute pictures!

    X Jenny

  7. Chicago will always have a special place in my heart.

    <3 Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life

  8. We live about 5 hours from San Fran & have never visited, I know it should be a crime :/

  9. SF is a great city for sure! definitely be prepared to walk, don't bring shoes you will regret at the end of the day or probably halfway through the day. also learn how to turn your wheels properly when parking on a hill and always remember summer is not hot by any means in SF

  10. San Francisco is definitely one of my favorite places! It's really beautiful there and the weather is just perfect. Not too hot but not too cold either except in the winter time. LOL. I grew up here in LA so I think this is where my heart lies. I'm a total city girl and I don't think I could ever leave LA.

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  11. I love this! I have never been there, but by the pictures, it looks like so much fun! The picture where you are standing by the parked cars reminds me of Full House (because of the background) haha

  12. I think I leave a little piece of it everywhere I go, haha! I would LOVE to go to San Fran, I'm actually planning on visiting next summer - so exciting!

  13. I'd love to go there someday!

  14. San Francisco looks so lovely! Sadly it's a little too far away for me to visit at the moment! Someday... :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Blog Bug Award! You can read more about it here:


  15. Oh gosh, I've only been to San Francisco once but I definitely left my heart there! ADORE!!!!
    xo TJ

  16. ooh i want to go to San Fran so much! I've just been to NYC so the west coast is next! check out more pictures from my trip on my blog :)

  17. What recognizable photos. ;) My place is with your heart. ;)


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