four on friday.

ah, finally. it's friday. time to shut down the work computer, finish up my homework and curl up with "grey's anatomy."

or not.

sadly, it's now the end of my san francisco week on the blog, and friday officially waves good-bye to the rest of my sanity. the best friend and i will be moving out of our sweet little apartment later this week, which is so sad/hard. it was wonderful to have time with just the two of us, and i am going to miss our pizza nights/movie mornings. ah, well. onto the next thing, i suppose.

are you doing anything fun this weekend? i bet it beats goodwill runs and packing boxes... ;)
 {dusky twilight}
 {sneaky mirror photos at this neat restaurant}
{ghirardelli hot cocoa for the chilly ferry ride home}


  1. Love San Fran :) Are you staying in the city or moving somewhere new?

  2. mmmmm ghiradelliiii! <3 One of my favorite chocolate companies! :) Sad you had to move out, but it leads to another adventure! :D


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